Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Matching Bag & Belt, $6

Yeah- they were for my vacuum.

The makeup thing is going well. I like the cover girl mineral foundation. it doesn't look powdery at all. I'm looking at pickign up some bronzing powder from Prescriptives, I have a $6 coupon. Coming soon- Some video braid tutorials... I've been meaning to do these for a while.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I got new makeup

I used some Cover Girl Coupons for some slick lip stuff, I had the same identical color a few years ago and it melted in my car (gotta love Yakima in the summer, huh) I also got some bronzing powder, some $6 coupons for physicians formula bronzer, some nail polish in wild colors for the kids, and also some eyeliner and powder shadow. I'm so boring with my colors, but I wore a whole face today to the Dentist's office. Can't say it made much of a difference, but i wasn't in the mood to think about it, either. Maybe tomorrow. I want to be in the habit of wearing makeup like those Mary Kay ladies, I wonder if my husband would like it or tease me about it. I never know with him. If he doesn't like it I"m so not going to bother with it every day. I miss him, he's out of town again. This has nothing to do with beauty. So- 3 pkgs of eyeliner & sharpeners, 5 tubes of lip gloss, 3 shadows and 1 bronzer for about $13 and I got $30 back in Register rewards, that I spent on items with full rebates, so I'll get that $30 back, too. And that $13 was way more than $13 in merchandise. Who says Beauty has a price? Apparently I'm getting paid to be beautiful.