Friday, August 8, 2008

Beauty like Amanda Peet

Beauty like Amanda Peet can be yours. All you need to do is have a baby, because motherhood is so beautiful. This might be the only non-sarcastic thing I will write here. Motherhood is beautiful, OK.

Then- you need to go to a party where Dr Paul Oft of the American Academy of Pediatrics talks your ear off about how harmless and wonderful vaccinations are and that Jenny McCarthy is wrong to speak out against them.

Have a few drinks, so you can digest the bullshit he's shoving down your throat. If it starts to creep you out, try to forget that he's paid millions of dollars each year by drug companies who produce these vaccines. Really, he's unbiased. Just look deeply into his eyes.

Think of your career. No one really knows who you are. How pretty is that?

Then- when the drug-company funded "Every child by two" campaign asks you to be a spokes person, say yes.

Then, you can get a makeover from backstage television people and go on TV promoting an agenda that harms children, but at least you'll be pretty.


Note to Amanda- You advised us to not listen to you because you are a celebrity spokesperson (even though I had never heard of you until today) You advised us to listen to Doctors. So, rather than listen to Doctors who were in bed with drug company research programs, I decided to listen to unbiased doctors, like Richard Moskowitz M.D who calls vaccinations A Sacrament of Modern Medicine Richard Moxon, the Professor of Pediatrics at Oxford University, who advocates for unbiased research and Dr Bernard Rimland, director of the Autism Research Institute in California and Robert C. Reisinger, D.V.M., M.S. and Colette Leick-Welter, Ph.D. (N. H.) whose research found a link between vaccines and SIDS. There's also Dr Andrew J Wakefield MB MS FRCS whose research on the intestinal disorders of children with autism found a connection between the MMR vaccine and a specific immune reaction of these children. Or how about Dr Gary Goldman, CDC researcher whose inside information on the statistics that get skewed before they're released, prompted him to write the book The Chickenpox Vaccine: A New Epidemic of Disease and Corruption.

Doctors are, in fact, in agreement with parents. Not all doctors because in mediCULT school they aren't taught to question the authorities who write their books (drug companies) or pay for the government research programs (drug companies) In fact, these drug companies spend millions of dollars each year wining and dining doctors, to push the belief that vaccines are safe. And of course, Imagine how many less people would vaccinate if doctors encouraged parents to follow their instincts, or to only pay attention to unbiased research. Attorney, Michael Hugo agrees, stating that the "expert witnesses" who often testify that vaccines aren't to blame for various afflictions are actually employees of the drug companies. Therefore, it's in their interest to WIN the lawsuit, not to find the honest truth about the well-being of a child. That's a parent's job.

You might wonder- how come the lawmakers let them get away with this? Well, Rep. Robin Hayes, R-N.C., one of the wealthiest members of Congress, owned more than $11 million in drug stocks on Dec. 31, 1999 so don't expect Rep Robin Hayes to do bidding for children's well-being if it has a negative affect upon the drug companies. Also, Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin owned shares worth $2.2 million to $7.1 million in five drug makers. He is the ranking Republican on a Judiciary subcommittee that often reviews patent legislation that can deliver windfalls to name-brand drug companies (Hmmm- sound like "One-less" to you?) And there's also Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., sits on the Senate Commerce Committee that likely will have a role in shaping any Medicare drug package, his wife Teresa, a Heinz family heiress, owned shares in eight drug companies worth $2.1 million to $4.2 million.And finally, the Grandaddy of evil, George W. Bush and his family have $62,000 to $234,000 in drug stocks, Dick Cheney $150,000 to $350,000, and the wife of Sen. Joe Lieberman, $15,000 to $50,000.

So before you are moved to tears by some heartwrenching television commercial funded by the government, know without a doubt that the drug companies OWN OUR GOVERNMENT. It is a conflict of interest to be sure, one spelled out quite clearly in an investigative report which calls it an incestuous relationship, (gasp- such foul talk)

"But this isn't the government, this is the American Academy of Pediatrics." Surprise- the American Academy of pediatrics is funded by DRUG COMPANIES and FORMULA MANUFACTURERS and how about "That study wasn't even published in the New England Journal of Medicine." Be careful. The NEJM is funded 83% by drug companies. What publisher in their right mind would want to lose so much of their ad sales? I think "Follow the Money offers a straightforward assessment.

Let me be very clear about this. This is the same government that has allowed the "no child left behind" act to further dumb-down our educational standards. The same government who advocates "The food pyramid" as real nutrition. Don't even get me started on WIC. Wouldn't it make sense that people who make money when you're sick probably ARE NOT the ones you should trust to keep you well?

I don't really care if people want to send their kids to school to be lemmings. I don't care if parents use government and drug-company propaganda to do their "research" and decide that vaccines are safe. But let's call a lemon a lemon and don't make me eat it. I hate lemons. Amanda Peet- you are a lemon.

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