Thursday, February 14, 2008

Free Shampoo (not really, it has nothing to do with shampoo)

Back in the old days (Um, like last week when my travel blog was rejected) you used to have to have 20 posts in a blog that was at least 90 days old. SO I decided to pay attention to that little blog, and make a few other ones, since my pagerank on my original blog sucks, I figured they could build off of each other and maybe one day, when google updates their pageranking system (which I hear is like very 90 days) then maybe my original blog will be worth something, and then maybe I can grow these other blogs, too and Mwa hahaaha rule the mom blogging world, like Dooce and Amalah.

But now, they have changed the rules, so that any blog that has ten posts and is 30 days old will qualify.

I think it's a stupid mistake. There's already too many of us scrambling like vultures to grab the few opportunities that are available for new bloggers. They pay $20 for posting when you sign up, just to announce that you've done it. So they'll have all these people signing up and getting paid for making their first post announcing that they've signed up and then their system will be overloaded because all these people will be trying to get paid posts all the time. It isn't easy hitting the refresh button ten thousand times a day hoping a new one will come up. And sometimes the verification words are long and complicated. Like "Renoir $285,837.20" and things like that. It's not a lifestyle everyone is cut out for. If you think you might be the one who can handle it, then click the purple image below and they will help you register for paid blogging. I don't think you can handle it, though. I am just warning you.

You should do it fast because I don't know if they'll stay in business like this for long. Hopefully you're someone with a blog that has a higher page rank than mine, so that you won't be taking opportunities that I could be using to feed my kids. My six kids. Seriously.

I want to make this

Isn't it adorable, it's just ribbons. I imagine the waistband is elastic- and the ribbons are just loped around it. You know how you fold it in half and pull the loose ends through the folded end, around the waistband, like a hula skirt. Yeah- I want to make some for the little girls, aren't they adorable. I'm thinking the Brownies could make one all by themselves.

Friday, February 8, 2008


I love soapmaking. If you've never tried making soap, it is so much fun. I read the Soapmaker's Companion a few years ago, and used one of her recipes for a Castille soap, then I added lavendar buds and oatmeal to it. It was awesome. We used it for like a year and I gave a ton away. Someday, when I have kids who won't be getting into the caustic chemicals and essential oils, I'd really like to try again. THIS EBOOK looks like it would be a great buy. Their free newsletter is great, too. I like the idea of knowing there are no strange scary chemicals and preservatives and animal products in my soap. I also like the idea of learning from a video like this, because way back in the dark ages, when the Soapmaker's companion was made, there was no videos online. This is a treat, and you are in for a treat if you try cold process soapmaking. You'll never go back to commercial soaps, I promise.