Friday, February 8, 2008


I love soapmaking. If you've never tried making soap, it is so much fun. I read the Soapmaker's Companion a few years ago, and used one of her recipes for a Castille soap, then I added lavendar buds and oatmeal to it. It was awesome. We used it for like a year and I gave a ton away. Someday, when I have kids who won't be getting into the caustic chemicals and essential oils, I'd really like to try again. THIS EBOOK looks like it would be a great buy. Their free newsletter is great, too. I like the idea of knowing there are no strange scary chemicals and preservatives and animal products in my soap. I also like the idea of learning from a video like this, because way back in the dark ages, when the Soapmaker's companion was made, there was no videos online. This is a treat, and you are in for a treat if you try cold process soapmaking. You'll never go back to commercial soaps, I promise.

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