Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tthe Eyelash Gods are Smiling

Are you amazed by these double extend beauty tubes from L'oreal? I swear, I would go buy that mascara even if it was like $25 because I could totally use some beauty tubes for my left eyelashes. My right eyelashes are OK. Not exactly as cool as they were before I had kids, but they're OK. It's true, the eyelashes on my left eye are one of the sacrifices I made to have these daughters. I'm sure that somewhere along the line I must have said something stupid like “I'd give my left eyelashes if only bla bla bla happened.” Anyways, my apologies to my friends in Mary kay. You have to admit that those beauty tubes are genius. Did you see the animation in the commercial, they have special fibers that surround each lash individually and create salon quality lash extensions. Did you even know that salons did lash extensions? That's lame, really I'd never get salon lash extensions, and even if I did spend $25 on a tube of mascara it would probably last me like 25 years, because I never remember to wear makeup. Well, I guess my kids would wear it. And they don't really need longer lashes. I don't even know that it's $25, it might be more like $10. I'm going to keep my eyes open for sales and coupons. And maybe I'll get one of those medieval looking eyelash curlers. Here's some me-trivia; I have never ever used one. They look scary. I just figured out how they work though, I worked it all out in my head after watching that makeup artist show on TV. Anyways, I just wanted to talk about those beauty tubes. They're absolutely genius. And did you see the way they just pop off into a curved little cone, like are they not water-soluble? OMG, I hope they're waterproof . I cry too much to wear non water-proof mascara. OMG, that would just ruin everything. The insanity behind making that mascara non waterproof would totally undo all of the genius that I credited them with before it occurred to me that they might have screwed it up. So OK, it's a good idea but let's just see if they really pulled it off. I've got my eyes on you, L'oreal. Just be warned. I'll let you know, ladies.

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