Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long Hair and other Dangerous Things

I'm glad you were so amused by my microbead horror experience. I'm here today to share the dangers of having very long hair.

When a strand of hair falls out of a long haired person's head, it has a bit of a journey to make.

With short hair, the hair breaks free at the scalp and jumps to safety onto the next nearest surface, carefree and relaxed without a trace.

When long hair falls out, though, it breaks free at the scalp and can hang out there, undetected for a while. Supported by all its neighbors, a long hair simply slides down down, looking for a while like one extra long strand, when in reality it's trying to shimmy down away from its friends.

So- back to the shower.
Water can help that shimmying.

In the shower, the hair descends down down, right between the cheeks of the poor long haired person who gave it life.

As a payback, or maybe because the little dying hair is resentful, it rests somewhere there, between the cheeks. As those cheeks move, while walking or exercising or something, that strand of hair gets rolled up into a little tiny ball that's a lot like an SOS pad.

You didn't know that, did you?

So let me reiterate the RINSE WELL message.

It's THAT important.

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