Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grab your tweezers, girls

I just want to underscore here the importance of a properly arched eyebrow. I have been guilty of neglecting my eyebrows lately and I didn't realize what a negative effect it had. Spending time today plucking and arching my brows made me feel like an absolute princess. I look better, too. Makeup can do some good, too I am sure but having properly arched eyebrows is as important as being blemish free. That is, to say that on the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter one stinkin' bit what you look like, we all live and die and have to pay taxes, but when you look nice, people treat you better it's just a plain and simple fact. Angry, bushy mammoth eyebrows might be inspiring people to treat you like some kind of behemoth. SO go ahead, frumpy mammas, and give it a little arch. Even if you can only manage to do one side, you'll at least always look like you're interested in something if one eyebrow is raised. Notice my before and after pictures; In the before picture, baby is screaming and unhappy doubtless because her mother looks like a bushwoman. In the after picture, however, the baby is obviously happy and well adjusted, because her mommy isn't scary anymore (from the neck up)


Darla said...

Oh I'm definitely an eyebrows girl and I proved it on my post yesterday (I GOTZ EYEBROWZ fo sho). BUT, about 5-6 years ago someone saved me and waxed them for me to give me a template. I've been able to keep up on it with a few "template renewals" here and there.

I try and tweeze every Monday morning (habit).

Valarie said...

This is way I always get my eyebrows waxed when I go get my hair done. Its just habit now. Then I just maintain them the rest of the time. Very important though :)

Family O'Foxes said...

I get my eyebrows waxed every 5 weeks. The hairdresser and I always joke that getting your eyebrows done is like get an eye lift.
It does wonder for the eyes. :)