Wednesday, April 16, 2008

30 day notice regarding Weight loss drugs

A while back I officially decided not to use the weight loss drugs recommended by the scatterbrained, boil-faced lady. I am, however, putting my body on a 30 day notice, starting today. If I am still a fat ass 30 days from now I will get a bottle of the super sexy slim stuff that D recommended even if she seemed a little crazed, I'd rather be crazed than fat. And J is doing just fine. Plus, J told me it's just some kind of sponge-sucking fiber that gets in your belly and makes you feel full while you're just drinking water, so it's no worse than regular anorexia, which works for me. Especially with 6 kids who need to eat. And in case you're wondering, starvation wouldn't affect breastmilk production, but dehydration would. And I can drink water, that's just fine.
I'm over the whole toxic water thing now. The only thing I'm not digging on is the acne, if I get a boil or zit because of this I'm going to be really upset. No amount of arched eyebrows or lip gloss will cover a pimple. And I like to wear my hair back. I better not get pimples because of this. If I did, I'd call it a blemish because it sounds prettier. I'd rather have a blemish than a zit or a pimple.

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