Friday, April 4, 2008

Inner Beauty Diva

One of my girls is in love with a boy, she's been infatuated with him for a log time. If she is nervous around him I haven't noticed. She invites him over all the time. He's a really nice kid, He calls me ma'am. Instead of primping and getting all goofy girly whenever she sees him (OK she does that, too) She has decided that she is going to make herself learn impressive words in order to win his heart. Ok- she didn't say that was the goal but she did mention that he uses big words. She's memorizing a list of "impressive words" from her "Dangerous book for Girls" it's adorable. Now if I had gotten out some vocabulary book and told her to memorize a list of words she would have lit it on fire or something. I'm hoping his interest in Physics and Math inspires her to try and impress him on that level, too.

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