Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More than just a pretty smile

G2, because of some fantastic treatment by the amazing Dr Miller, totally wants to be a dentist when she grows up. I swear, her baby teeth were born with cavities, and she inherited her Daddy's sweet tooth. Plus he gives them candy almost every day. She went in for fillings when she was just three years old, and Dr Miller was so very kind and patient with her. Now, she's got a terrible abcess and she's in pain and her smile is so prety- she's losing baby teeth and growing grown-up teeth, but those baby molars are still giving us trouble. She lost a filling about a year ago and since we didn't have insurance, I didn't do anything about it. If I had used my brain for ten minutes I would have realized that without the filling there was a hole into the inside of her tooth, and that crap would get trapped there and that no amount of obsessive brushing would help but instead now she has an infection and it's all my fault. So today I spent the day doing paperwork so we can have insurance to cover her problems. It should be approved in 3 days, and I'm calling right now to make the appointment. Poor baby, her little mouth hurts and she's got a lump on her gums. Antibiotics will keep it from killing her, but the source of the problem needs to get fixed. Teeth are worth so much more than a pretty smile; oral health is very important. Take care of those choppers, and don't ignore lost fillings, OK. I mean it.

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