Saturday, July 5, 2008

Braided Bun Pictorial

The thing with a braided bun is to make two or three braids to form the bun with, otherwise there isn't enough texture and you end up with big chunks of hair at the base and teeny ones at the ends. So you start with a ponytail. This one is high upon her head, at the crown, but you can also do one at the nape of the neck. Or even use pigtails and put two on each side. Quick- name the Vintage Sci-Fi character with that hairdo? Yeah- on a side note, I have never seen Star Wars. I have never had any desire to. Or parts two, three and whatever else. I get lost in the whole written scrolling opening credit thing.

Anyhow- so you start with a ponytail and then you split it into a few different sections and make a few rope-like braids. When each one is braided, you twist them together into a bun. The smaller your braids, the more texture you'll end up with. Her hair is pretty fine, so I just used two smaller braids.

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