Thursday, July 3, 2008

Criss Cross French Braid Pictorial

A Criss-Cross french braid is an adorable little braid for a flower girl or even just to wear every day. OK, maybe not every day. Have fun trying this one.

It begins with a 4 part section, one goes over the head from ear to ear and the other goes from front to back straight down the middle. You might notice that my middle part sucked and that's OK.

Begin by french braiding (or dutch braiding) one of the front sections. Have the girl lay her head on one shoulder so you don't have to be a contortionist to braid comfortably.

Make each of the two front french braids go toward the point on top where the parts intersect. It will probably take practice. No big deal, just practice. I happen to have 6 daughters, so practice is really not hard to come by.

Once the two front pieces are braided to the ends, release one of the back sections, Braid its opposite side into it. In the pictures, I did a french braid, but I think I prefer using a dutch braid for this part, it gives the illusion that the braid is lying on top of the hair and it's realy prettier, I think, in this situation.

Once one is done- do the other.

That was easy, right?

For bridal hair or special occasions, you can add ribbons or flowers into the braid, it's really versatile.


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