Saturday, July 5, 2008

Traditional Milkmaid Braid Pictorial

Traditional milkmaid braid comes from two braids, one on each side, like Laura Ingalls. Those two braids are then wrapped around the head like a headband and secured, usually by tucking them into place. It makes sense that milking cows while your braids dangle in front of you might not be a good idea, unless you're going for a milkfat conditioner.

In another pictorial I will show a variation of the milkmaid braid, since it takes very long hair to wear a traditional milkmaid. The variation is similar to a halo braid and can be worked on medium length hair.

On a side note- why do teenagers turn the camera sideways to take the pictures? We'll work on that, sorry.

1 comment:

Natalie said...

The braids are pretty, and happily practical.
Also the portrait composition (sideways camera) is a fitting angle for this kind of photograph. Usually the image can be rotated, either in the camera or from your computer.