Saturday, July 5, 2008

Upside Down Braid Pictorial

The Upside-Down Braid is such a pretty way to do an updo. G1's hair here is only shoulderlength, so it's an easy one to do on shorter hair. The underneath stays in nicely. I think the hardest part is funding a comfortable way to sit. She probably would have preferred to have a pillow under her knees or something, I think it actually might have damaged her to sit still for so long, it's so against her nature. The bun at the top was a last minute-thing, another online braider did a similar do on longer hair that she called a cobra ad it really looked snakey the way the braid was coiled up onj top of her head. I think this is the prettiest her hair has ever looked, it was so angelic. I should have gotten her profile but see that black nailpolish, yeah- she scratched her cheek before the polish was dry and had a big black line on her cheek for 3 days so I wasn't really in the mood to take pictures of her face. The do is very flattering,t hough. I think it would make a nice bridal hair style. Can't you just picture little flowers or beads intertwined in this braid?

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